Monday, April 18, 2011


XYZ invites you to celebrate Virginia Tech's seniors with an evening of art, food, wine, and music. Please join us on May 7th at Experiential Gallery in Kent Square for the festivities.

Tickets are $5 - this includes admission to the event, entertainment, and unlimited refreshments!

Open to the public at 6pm. Open to artists at 5pm.

SENIORS are encouraged to submit work to by April 25th. Email should include a JPEG photo, artist's name, title of work, and approximate value ($25, $50, $75, $100, or $100+).

Seniors from various disciplines are urged to participate. Ideas include (but are not limited to)...
Studio students-paintings, ceramics, framed photographs and drawings, sculptures.
Architecture students-framed drawings and watercolors, models, screen prints, project boards, collages, sculptures.
Creative Technologies-framed rendered stills, 3D prints.
VCD students-framed printed posters.

Maximum of 5 submissions per artist. $10 fee per artist. PROFESSIONAL quality work. Submitting seniors please arrive at 5pm for the art swap.

Contact with questions, or visit XYZ's blog at

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