Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Meeting

Hello to all! Yesterday was our first meeting of the year... we covered a lot of basics,  but there is still a lot more to be discussed, so if you weren't able to attend, there's no need to worry! :-)

XYZ is looking for anyone and everyone to volunteer with the following:
Exhibition Production Team
Graphic Design Team
General Maintenance 
Public Relations Team

If you think you can help out with one of these categories or if you feel you have something else to offer, do not hesitate! We need all the help we can get to make XYZ Gallery more prevalent in the Virginia Tech and Blacksburg Community.  This is our major goal of the year!

Our first show will be 'In the Nude' which will exhibit the Artistic Nude of the Human Figure.  (If you have work you are willing to contribute please e-mail Ali at or Glynis at We will be doing a call for submission as soon as we set a date, but it can never hurt to get some work early!  NOTE: All drawings must be matted or mounted! All work shown in the gallery must look professional!

Some other possible shows for the year:
-Photography Show
-Faculty/Staff Show
-Art Battle (One Day Event)

This year we would also like to conduct some student run workshops. Some ideas we have include:
-Anything you want to learn/teach? Let us know!

As stated before, we want to get as involved in the community as possible! So PLEASE share your voice!

More information to be coming soon :-)

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